Lion Tribe Ministries is a mission-based ministry focused on reaching Japan  and other parts of the world by providing:

1. Ministry: We desire to partner with churches and ministries in Japan using the Christian arts as an evangelistic outreach tool by bringing teams of talented Christian artists such as; gospel singers, gospel rap artists, jazz, hip-hop and break dancers, as well as other Christian music styles.

2. Support:  Lion Tribe Ministries desires to provide support to ministers and their families by helping meet their needs both personally and in their ministries. A few examples would be: sending care packages, raising money for sound equipment, raising financial support, etc…

3. Service: We desire to give Christians from all walks of life an opportunity to experience a foreign culture and serve the Lord on the mission field. A foreign mission trip can be a life-changing experience which God uses you to touch the lives of others, while also allowing God to touch and change your own life. Will you answer the Master’s call to go into all the world?