Isaac Hughes – Mae Sot Thailand

Isaac Hughes has been involved with missionary work since his childhood. In 1991, his parents, Bill and Julie Hughes felt the Lord call them to fulfilling a life-long dream and move to Thailand to help with Church planting. Isaac helped his parents with their missionary work all through his childhood and teen years. At the age of 18 Isaac responded to the Lords call to begin his own work for the Kingdom. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, and drawing from his parent’s wisdom and experience, he began his work in Thailand spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the Thai.

After graduating Bible College in early 2000, Isaac returned to Thailand to assist his Father with church planning in northern Thailand. In 2004, Thailand was hit by deadly Tsunami that killed over 230,000 people in 14 different countries. The west coast of southern Thailand was hit hard, leaving thousands dead or missing. Isaac was there, feet on the ground, a few days later aiding in relief efforts. Isaac eventually moved to southern Thailand to assist with rebuilding and church planting after the tsunami. While in southern Thailand Isaac came across a dense population of Burmese people. Isaac experienced an openness and a hunger for the Gospel among these refugees from Burma.

Burma has been under a military dictatorship for 60 years, a ruthless and brutal regime that is guilty of all kinds of atrocities and mass murder, against their own people, and especially the ethnic minorities.  There is constant low-level conflict and war going on in parts of the country. Millions of Burmese have jumped the border to Thailand, looking for work and some way out of Burma’s grinding poverty.  Once they arrive they meet with a borage of challenges. The refugees are often taken advantage of and abused in various ways. Human trafficking and drugs are bad, along with host of other problems. These are some of the poorest people in the world. Refugee camps, rebel groups, corrupt police, absurd laws, and racism are an everyday part of life for these people.

Currently Isaac is living in a town called Mae Sot, on the northwest border of Thailand, just a couple miles from Burma. He has an all-Burmese team of young men working with him, mostly relatively new believers. They do straightforward evangelism, church planting, mostly in village environments. Isaac and his team conduct lots of evangelistic outreach, house meetings, and praying for people with problems and believing God to do miracles. And God come through for these people in amazing ways. Isaac and his team get involved in people’s lives and troubles, and are able to really help a lot of people in bad situations.

Isaac’s long term vision is to plant a network of churches and house churches, patterned after the book of Acts, which really belongs to the local people. They have gotten a pretty good start already following the pattern of the early church in the book of Acts. Isaac also wants to see an outbreak of Christianity among the Thai and Burmese people that is bigger than any one organization. To see a genuine, Biblical outpouring sweep through these areas like a fire, and into Burma. Isaac believes that there is an open door with the Burmese people like has not seen since the first Protestant Missionary Adoniram Judson set foot in Burma almost 200 years ago. It’s time for Harvest!

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