The Adopt-A Missionary program is designed to help missionaries know that they are not alone and that they have not been forgotten. Missionaries and their families face many obstacles in their full time service to the Lord. Different cultures, different holidays, different laws and customs are just a few of the things that Missionaries are facing, on a daily basis. Not to mention feelings of loneliness, isolation, and being forgotten.

It is our goal to connect people with missionaries that are abroad for the purpose of encouragement and support. We are providing information on the missionary and their families, and how they can be encouraged and supported.

Missions are not the responsibility your pastor or the missions board in your church only. The responsibility of missions falls to each and every one of us. The support and care for missionaries and their families is something that most Christians simply do not think about or willfully ignore.

It is our belief that EVERY Christian should support a missionary in their work for the Kingdom. Anyone can support a missionary, whether you are an individual, a family, or a small business. You can partner with a missionary and their family to make a real difference in their lives. Not just financially, but personally. Sending letters, emails, care packages, anniversary, birthday, and holiday greetings will make a huge difference in the lives of missionaries. Perhaps God is calling you into full time missions work or full time ministry? Whether He is or not, I believe that he is calling for all of us to join hands together as the family of heaven that we are supposed to be.

We only promote a very small number of missionaries compared to the number that are out there. Please prayerfully consider supporting one of the missionaries that we promote or find one through another resource. Ask your pastor, grab one off of your churches missions board, or ask a missionary to refer you to someone. But most of all pray for the Lord’s leading in finding a missionary to support.

Please note that Lion Tribe Ministries does not accept funds for any of the missionaries that we are promoting. Nor do we charge, or ask for donations from the missionaries, or their supporting organizations.

If you have questions please send me an email.